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Great Wall - 2019 Chinese New Year

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Great Wall - 2019 Chinese New Year


This tin contains a foggy morning I spent hiking on the Great Wall a loooong time ago. I have wonderful memories of the sometimes perilous trek between the Jinshanling and Simatai sections of the wall. Because we started the hike early, we were alone in the mist for the first hour. It’s so mysterious-looking in that kind of weather. At the time I wasn’t yet a painter, but if I ever go back, I hope to see it like this again!

This painting comes in a tin that I’ve been saving for Chinese New Year. Even though it’s technically the Year of the Pig, I still think this dragon is pretty fitting!


This is a 2x3-inch tiny oil painting on a wooden panel using a "mint tin palette". It comes inside the tin with the paint on the bottom, unless other arrangements are made.

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